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Get cash quickly, without the usual delays or red tape, with our fast service for pawning your company cars. Apply in minutes and have the funds you need within the same day.

Pawn your vehicle

Need extra cashflow for your business? With BizFunding, you can use a fully paid-up vehicle to get funds – without having to sell your vehicle.

This is a fast, flexible way to raise funds.

Avoid the delays and laborious paperwork involved in applying for a bank loan. Instead, you can get funding straight away by pawning your vehicle.

We don’t need your businesses financials or financial history; it’s the value of the vehicle that secures the funds.

Simply apply online by giving us the details of your car for an instant proposal.

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It only takes 3 steps to get funded.



Please fill in our application form to provide us with your details and the vehicle you wish to pawn.


Supply documents

You will need to provide the following relevant documentation:

  • Clear pictures of your vehicle inside and out, including its mileage and service history
  • Vehicle registration documents such as the RC1 and BRNC
  • Your company documents
  • A copy of the director’s ID
  • Proof of Address.


Get funded

When you accept our proposal and hand over the vehicle to us, we can immediately process your payment.

Frequently asked questions

Below we offer answers to some frequently asked questions about our funding against vehicles. If you need further assistance, please contact us directly.

We can fund clients from R50 000 and up but we have to calculate the amount of funding we can offer you based on the value of your vehicle and your affordability. The vehicle must be fully paid up and owned under your company name.

Suppose you choose to proceed after accepting our quotation. In that case, we’ll need to ask for the relevant paperwork – including all your FICA documents such as company documents, original natis/registration papers for the vehicle, your ID and proof of address.

We will need to meet for the inspection of the vehicle and to sign all the relevant paperwork. Once that is done, we will book the vehicle into our secure facility and pay you the funds straight away.

Your vehicle will be stored safely and be insured while in our possession. We conduct a full inspection when booking a vehicle in and out to make sure it remains in the same condition and mileage as when you left it with us.

Once you pay back the agreed amounts, the vehicle is yours to get back.

BizFunding is proud to have significant experience in partnering with South African businesses, offering innovative, tailor-made financial solutions to help them grow and thrive.

The terms are clear and transparent, and we don’t charge hidden fees or penalties.

We will request that you send us the following documents via email at

  • Clear pictures of your vehicle inside and out, including its mileage and service history.
  • Vehicle registration documents such as the RC1 and BRNC.
  • Your company documents.
  • A copy of the director’s ID.
  • Proof of Address

We currently offer Funding against vehicles in Gauteng.

Simply apply online and one of our consultants will contact you immediately.

The fees are charged in accordance with the National Credit Act, and they are calculated and presented to you in the obligation-free proposal. You can either pay the full amount back at once or pay monthly interest and charges.

We can extend the payback period to a maximum of 90 days provided that you pay the monthly interest and charges.

It won’t harm your credit score if you can’t pay us back, we don’t record these types of transactions with the credit bureau. You will simply forfeit the ownership of your vehicle and we will never contact you again for any payments.

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Same-Day Payouts

Our whole process can be concluded on the same day and your company paid out instantly.

Simple process

No red tape. Minimal paperwork is required.

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