Funding against Business Property in Johannesburg

BizFunding offers trusted funding against business property in Johannesburg, Pretoria and elsewhere across Gauteng.

This type of funding is often overlooked. However, it can be extremely valuable to a growing business.

Below we offer examples of what businesses use this type of funding to do. We also outline the main prerequisites that apply and some reasons to consider partnering with us at BizFunding.

What you can use funding against business property to do

Is your Johannesburg business on a growth trajectory? If your company needs more staff, upgraded software, equipment or additional vehicles to meet demand, funding against commercial property is a solution to consider.

It offers access to funds for supporting growth, typically within 14 to 21 days.

This funding type is also a go-to solution if capital is required to pursue an investment or opportunity that might otherwise be lost.

Examples are investment in a second property, a discounted but time-sensitive stock purchase or a business merger or acquisition.

Your company might require an injection of cash to expand or market your business services or product line.

Alternatively, funding might be needed to support project work or on-going operations until an anticipated payment comes in. Get the working capital you need, without the typical lengthy delay, interrogation or stress.

Prerequisites for funding against commercial property

A business enterprise that fully owns real estate – for example, office premises or a warehouse, factory or retail outlet – can use the property to secure a sizeable, short-term loan.

To use business property to secure funding through BizFunding, the property must:

  • be owned outright by a company, with no bond
  • have a value of R1 000 000 or more
  • be located in Johannesburg, or elsewhere in Gauteng.

For more information, including details of required documentation, see our Funding Against Commercial Property page.

Why consider BizFunding?

BizFunding specialises in making it faster and easier for South African businesses to access the funding they need to thrive and grow.

We invite you to check our Google ratings, as a neutral source of reviews from our customers.

A hands-on approach that involves working with and supporting our business clients is what sets us apart. It’s also what makes our day-to-day work rewarding!

We have significant experience in both business finance and project management. We offer straight answers, familiarity with common business challenges and step-by-step guidance.

Next steps: securing funding against business property in Johannesburg

Simply call us on 012 001 0095 or submit your details online. One of our consultants will contact you to discuss your business funding requirements and goals, and to guide you through the application process.

Along with competitive funding against business property in Johannesburg (and elsewhere across Gauteng), BizFunding offers a range of flexible finance solutions for South African businesses – including tender, purchase order and invoice funding.

If you are a business owner on the road to success, or need funding to help start new projects or purchase orders, we can help you!