best tender funding provider in johannesburg

Tender funding enables businesses to complete lucrative projects and develop solid reputations, with suppliers and clients. This helps ensure project success and can lead to future tenders.

We believe that BizFunding is currently the best tender funding provider in Johannesburg. Here’s why.

We partner with your business

We don’t work like traditional banks or loan providers. Instead, we offer a profit-sharing model.

We partner with your business and assist with the execution of the tender. We also pay suppliers for you and assist with the running costs of the project.

You don’t pay us back anything until your business gets paid. Then we are reimbursed in the form of an agreed share of the profits.

What this means in practice:

  • our success depends on yours (and we’re fully committed to assisting you)
  • lack of upfront capital doesn’t have to be a barrier to your company’s growth
  • you can focus 100% on delivering your best work until a tender is fulfilled
  • you can relax that suppliers and other costs will be paid on time.

A specialist in successful tender fulfilment

We are an all-South African company that specialises in helping businesses fulfil tenders and contracts, through funding and expertise.

When a business completes a project to specs and on time, future opportunities become easier to secure. We help make that happen.

A funding model that makes sense

Heavy, monthly repayments of a traditional loan can cripple a business that hasn’t yet been paid for its work.

Our profit-sharing model eliminates this problem. You don’t repay anything while project work is in progress, or when you’re still awaiting settlement by the client.

This lets innovative, small to mid-sized businesses prove what they’re capable of achieving – without having to begin with hefty sums of upfront capital.

We work side by side with you

We have extensive project management experience and offer a hands-on approach.

Positive customer reviews

We are proud to have a 4.9 out of 5 rating on Google.

These are some of our favourite client Google reviews of BizFunding:

“No words can describe the awesome service I received, they are by far the best. I would also like to thank them for this excellent world-class customer service, they are awesome. Thank you once again.” Raymond C.

“The service of BizFunding is excellent, on point and honest, very transparent and they help more than 150%. I’m proud of them and you won’t go wrong with them. Trust me.” Sophie L.

“Thank you so much guys, you came through for us beautifully and made the process so easy. I highly recommend you.” Babalwa B.

“Thanks a million BizFunding. We at Manenu Holdings (Pty) Ltd really appreciate your presence in our company and hoping to do business with you further more.” Joel V.

If your business has been awarded a tender, consider partnering with the best tender funding provider in Johannesburg. Apply online within minutes or contact us on 012 001 0095, and we’ll guide you through the process – which is fast, reliable and straightforward.

If you are a business owner on the road to success, or need funding to help start new projects or purchase orders, we can help you!

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