Government Contract Financing in South Africa

BizFunding offers two types of funding for government contractors in South Africa.                                                

At BizFunding, we’re experts in what it takes to fulfil government tenders and contracts. We know the challenges and barriers that you face, and how costly it can be to manage a contracting firm. 

If your business has a government contract, we can provide specialised funding and one-on-one support. 

Immediate tender funding for fulfilling your contract   

Landing a government tender is an exciting proposition. The problem is working capital is required to fulfil the deal. Capital is not easily available through traditional financing.

At BizFunding, we partner with you to plug the cash-flow gap. We provide end-to-end tender funding and support to ensure your business completes the project within the agreed time frame.

We cover the cost of the supplies and resources in full and stand by you each step of the way. Once your business has been paid by government, you pay us back according to the agreed profit share.

Applications are approved within the same day and clients can be funded in 72 hours, based on projected profits and not business financials or credit score.

Invoice funding for when you’re waiting on payment    

Late payments are a challenge for SMEs. Government departments are particularly tardy in this respect. According to a recent article, as many as 47% of small businesses in South Africa cite late payments as a key obstacle to growth.

Without a healthy cash flow, maintaining normal business operations is virtually impossible. When there’s no income for more than 30 days, businesses typically fail.

Invoice funding by BizFunding instantly unlocks working capital. Cash is advanced against unpaid invoices. This capital can be used to pay staff, buy inventory and cover day-to-day operating costs.

We get our funds back on payment of your business invoices. It’s as simple and convenient as that.

BizFunding’s emphasis on partnership    

With a standard business loan, you receive funding and then start paying it back immediately in fixed monthly repayments.

At BizFunding, our model doesn’t work that way.

We provide you with the government contract financing you need but you don’t pay us back until your contract has been fulfilled and you’ve been paid.

We operate using a partnership model, based on profit sharing.

Contact BizFunding now on 012 001 0095 or apply for same-day government contract financing online. Get your start-up or SME on a sustainable growth path.

If you are a business owner on the road to success, or need funding to help start new projects or purchase orders, we can help you!

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