sa construction tenders

We offer detailed advice on how to find SA construction tenders for your business.

Staying abreast of offers and submitting suitable bids can help your company grow.

Sometimes just one lucrative contract is enough to transform and significantly expand a business. Winning a tender and fulfilling it successfully can also lead to more project offers in future.

Registering with the Central Supplier Database

If you plan to apply for government tenders in South Africa, you must first register with the Central Supplier Database (CSD). You can do this here.

Then it’s time to find tenders that suit your business and compile and submit competitive bids.

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Subscribe to the bid alert mailing list

If your business is interested in bidding for tenders, it’s a good idea to sign up for the Government’s bid alert mailing list via the Government Communication and Information System (GCIS) website.

You’ll receive an e-mail every time bid documents are added to the GCIS website.

Search for relevant tenders online

There are several Government and third-party websites where you can search for relevant tenders.

Use your province’s Public Works & Infrastructure website

Each province’s Public Works & Infrastructure website lists tenders in your area.

On the Government’s public works website, scroll to the footer at the bottom, select your province and you’ll be taken to your local website.

Try the eTenders platform

The Government also has an eTenders platform to make finding public sector tender opportunities in South Africa easier.

The search function could be more user-friendly, but it allows you to search for active tenders by province, organ of state or tender number.

If you don’t know the tender number, search by province. Type in your province name and select it from the dropdown menu. You’ll find a list of active tenders in your province.

Conduct an advanced search on CWCTenders

CWCTenders is one of the biggest databases of civil works and construction tenders in the world. The advanced search function makes it easier to find tenders in your area.

It allows you to search by country, sector and notice type via dropdown menus.

You can also enter keywords to narrow it down further and click on the More Advanced Filters options to add more search parameters, such as the bid deadline or start date.

Use a third-party South African tender website

There are a few third-party sites in South Africa that list recent tenders with a search function to narrow the list down to your sector and area. Examples are:

Browse the Government Tender Bulletin

All Government tenders are printed in newspapers, trade magazines and online.

Check the full tender bulletin as it’s released. Tender bulletins are available every Friday via these links:

Just a warning, the full bulletin is usually long and unsorted.

Funding for once you win a construction tender

Once you know how to find SA construction tenders and you’re successful in bidding for and being awarded a tender, the real work begins.

At BizFunding, we empower small to medium companies to fulfil construction tenders. We do this by providing up to 100% tender funding and one-on-one support.

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If you are a business owner on the road to success, or need funding to help start new projects or purchase orders, we can help you!

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